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les MILLENIALS en cuisine

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Une étude intéressante sur les Millenials (nés entre 1980 et 2010) en cuisine, par Think with Google, qq extraits pour vous allécher :

Millennials are bringing their I-want-to-do attitudes and their mobile devices into the kitchen. They’re turning to mobile at every phase of the cooking journey.


The smartphone is becoming the ultimate sous-chef

The cooking journey starts with a spark—a curiosity about what to cook


Top 100 food search terms tend to be broad in nature : « dinner ideas, » « healthy recipes, » and « slow cooker recipes, »

« Oreo Snack Hacks: Sprinkles »



For brands: The cooking journey doesn’t end once the ingredients have been bought and the pans are in place. Think beyond the recipe and how-tos, and consider ways to promote a fun and social cooking experience for millennials, whether their family and friends are in the kitchen or across the country.

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